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Paradiso is a restaurant with over two decades of history, and during that time we have had the honor of being reviewed by many newspapers and magazines. Available here is a collection of the press reviews that we have been made aware of, for your interest. If you have recently come across more reviews of our establishment, we would be grateful if you could let us know about it via our online contact form.

Added on:  Fri 16th September, 2016
Emma Phillips
Publication:  Canny Food
Added on:  Fri 16th September, 2016


Paradiso has been around for donkey’s years. This grainy photo is of my 19th birthday, I believe, which we had in that very restaurant. Forgive the hair, but it was the 90s!

Many establishments in the area have come and gone (Popolo for example, which has been replaced with the fab Bierrex), but Paradiso has been the constant. It probably has changed hands a few times, but the menu tends to be consistent. My birthday meal, oddly enough, was a delicious steak served with Pak Choi. Funny how I can still remember it after all these years.

Me and my mate Laura had been trying to meet up for blinking ages, but with babies and moving house we just couldn’t seem to find the time. One of my luxuries is having a Monday off the day job to blog and thankfully we were able to schedule a quick bite to eat in Paradiso to have our long overdue natter.

The restaurant has a lunch time Express Lunch menu on offer for £7.95, available Monday to Friday 11 until 2:30pm, so we opted for this. Laura ordered their Fresh Mozzarella Salad to start, followed by the Chicken Risotto. The homemade Soup of the Day when we visited was Carrot and Coriander, so I chose this also followed by the Risotto.

Laura’s starter was artfully arranged, so I took great delight snapping away for the Canny Food Instagram. Drizzled with pesto and well seasoned, it may have been simple but it was well executed. My soup was ok, but was on the bland side. I know the coriander was present, but couldn’t taste it.

Our mains arrived in speedy fashion. I initially felt the portion size was measly, but to be honest it was probably just right for a lunch time feed. The risotto had a good flavour and the rice still retained some bite.

All things considered, our lunch was good for the price. I’m surprised it wasn’t busier with such a reasonable lunch time offering. The waiters were friendly and attentive, and the restaurant has a relaxed vibe. It was good to see the footnote on the menu that those on a gluten free or vegan diet could be accommodated, so I may take Mr. Canny there for an early evening bite in the future.


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Added on:  Wed 29th April, 2015


"The restaurant itself is visually stunning and I'm pleased to see that the beautiful red bricks from outside have been made visible inside. It's obvious there's been a lot of attention to detail when designing the place, with glossed black furniture, personalised writing on the walls, iconic Italian pictures, hanging lights and stripped back wall fittings to give the place a rustic, yet really modern feel."

"My mixed grill of fish came with prawns, calamari, sea bass, salmon and a sardine, with a good drizzle of herby oil. Everything was cooked outstandingly - the fish was flakey, with crispy skin and no bones (minus the sardine, which came whole, minus the head). The dish came with a bowl of oven roasted mediterian vegetables on the side, which included red onions, mixed peppers, courgette and new potatoes in a olive oil, garlic and thyme dressing. They were really delicious, cooked with still a bit of bite and tons of flavour. My main was really simplistic, but who needs bells and whistles when you have great ingredients cooked well? Calvin's pizza was jam packed full of salami, parma ham, pepperoni and mortadella. It was everything you want in a good pizza - a crispy base, a rich tomato sauce, gooey cheese and authentic Italian meats. He assured me it was one of the best pizzas he's had in a while and couldn't stop complimenting the tomato sauce."

"Overall, the food was great, the wine was lovely and the atmosphere of the restaurant is second to none. The only thing I'm upset about is that I haven't found Paradiso sooner."

Publication:  Engage Magazine
Added on:  Thu 26th March, 2015

“Our evening at Paradiso was superb.”

“The staff are clearly passionate about what they do and that translated into stellar service. Everything was done professionally, enthusiastically and with a smile.”

“If you’re eve in the mood for a bit of Mediterranean, make sure you get to Paradiso.”


Just a few of the delightful comments made when the lovely people from Engage Magazine came to Paradiso for dinner. You can read the full review here.

Publication:  GQ
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

Small and ridiculously reasonable cafe-bar which is an essential venue to start the weekend. Gorgeous house red, a fantastic Spanish/Italian menu and a smart jazz and ambient soundtrack.

Harden's Top UK Restaurants
Publication:  The Observer
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

...this cool and trendy younger generation Italian cafe offers quality snacks at great value prices and it's popular.

Publication:  Marie Claire
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

Stylish and contemporary without the attitude. Offering a good selection of wines, beers and spirits and an enormous range of coffees and tapas.

Publication:  The Evening Chronicle
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

The team behind Paradiso seemingly cannot do anything wrong when it comes to cuisine at the moment. And long may it continue.

Publication:  The Courier
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

It's one of those restaurants you're most likely to discover by word of mouth rather than it catching your eye as you walk by. Tucked away down the small cobbled side street that is Market Lane, Paradiso is one of those hidden treasures. The outstanding cuisine should be a good enough advertisement to maintain this cafe bar as it is a real "food find", which is well worth the trip for the tastebuds of even the most expert palate.

Publication:  Sunderland Echo
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

Laid back but with style is the description that best sums up the surroundings, the cuisine and the service at Paradiso. And the same applies to its marketing strategy. Ask anyone about this stylish cafe bar restaurant and they'll either look completely perplexed, or rave about how much they love it. Low profile and rustic, set in a former print works and tucked away up a cobbled street, the restaurant relies on word of mouth and its quality food and drink to win customers.

Publication:  Accent
Added on:  Tue 7th September, 2010

Contemporary, cosmopolitan and dripping with style, Paradiso cannot do anything wrong and long may this continue.

Paradiso's staff have been described as the friendliest in Newcastle ... they were wholly polite, attentive and we were serenaded by the highly skilled bar tender ...

Despite its sharp interior, slick menu and superior waiting staff, Paradiso has none of the pretentious air that the city's other supposed 'style' restaurants and bars exude and is in fact a wonderful place to relax and indulge yourself.

Paradiso's swish, slick, steel-tinged interior, which includes secluded booths, low-lighting and an open plan kitchen upstairs has all the self-assuredness of a proverbial rock star but is still jam-packed with warm, hearty Mediterranean hospitality.

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